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Each class is set up in the same way so its familiar and easy to use, but each set of cookies is unique and teaches new skills in different ways to help you get creative with your own designs!

Y'all, I have a confession to make, I used to covet cookies. If you did'nt grow up Free Will Baptist, to covet, is to want something someone else has.  When I first started, I would look upon all the stunning cookies on Instagram and covet that cookie decorators abilities and creativity. It took me a long time to learn and perfect the techniques I use today, and I still have growing to do yet! I would watch video after video internalizing every motion of those cookie decorators hands thinking of how I might try that technique on a cookie for my next set. I would agonize over the planning of each layer trying to ensure each cookie was exactly how I wanted it to be. I had spreadsheets people.....spreadsheets.... for cookie planning......I wish I was kidding! I read blog posts, found classes on skillshare, and watched  "The Great British Baking Show" as religiously as if it were Sunday morning Facebook church here in the Bible belt!  My point is (I promise I'm getting to it) is that I spent an entire year coveting instead of creating. I lost time trying to piece it all together from a million different places. I'm not saying you will get a year's worth of cookie decorating experience all in one class, but I am telling you I can save you time. I can save you time, so you can stop longing for what you could do one day and start making the beautiful cookies (that you may or may not covet when you scroll Instagram) right now! Not after watching all the videos, not after reading all the posts, not after crying over the failed attempt, right stinkin' now, girl! 

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