Learn to Decorate Custom Sugar Cookies from Dough to Done!

There's so much information about cookie decorating. It was super overwhelming to me when I started. I just wanted someone to hold my hand and walk me through it! Now, after a year of decorating, and having my classes featured in a local magazine, that's exactly what I'm doing for you!

Do you love watching cookie decorating videos and want to try it for yourself? In this fun, Thanksgiving class I'll show you how to decorate six cookie designs using royal icing. The decorating techniques you learn can be applied to your own designs as you continue to learn. This class is tailor made for absolute beginners. I'm talking never even baked a cookie that wasn't from a box beginners! Are you ready? Order below or keep reading if you want to learn a little more about the class before making your decision.

What's included in this class?

Basically, everything but the butter!

  • Printable recipe cards for cookies and royal icing complete with additional tips for making prep easier

  • Complete supply lists with Amazon links

  • In-depth Piping and Flooding Masterclass with printable piping practice sheet. Just pop it in a page protector and practice without wasting precious cookies!

  • Step-by-Step written printable cookie guides with pictures for each step

  • Comprehensive instructional videos where I walk you through each cookie step by step

Take a Sneak Peek at the Content

Check out the Intro video below as well as the lessons in the class!
Watch Intro Video


Class Layout

Everyone can become a master cookie decorator!

Preheat your oven, tie on your apron, and lets create something beautiful and delicious!

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