What's Included?

Everything but the butter!

  • Recipes, materials, and preparation instructions that take you from never made a cookie before to ready to roll, dough that is.

  • Live workshop with me where I will walk you through the steps, demonstrate beginner skills, and offer feedback live to help you make faster progress on your cookie journey.

  • Lifetime access to the replay, so you can come back anytime!


  • Will I still be able to view/benefit from this class if I can't make it to the live workshop?

    Absolutely! By purchasing the workshop, you'll receive access to the live class on April 29th at 6 PM Central as well as lifetime access to the replay and all materials. I love being able to give feedback live, so even if you can't be on the Zoom, you can still benefit from the live feedback I'll be providing to other students. Access to the replay means you'll be able to return to the class anytime and work at your own pace!

  • What will I need for this class?

    You'll receive a series of emails as we get closer to the date of the workshop about exactly what you'll need to have prepared before we sign on to the Zoom. I'll provide links to purchase cutters, food coloring, tipless bags etc. if you don't already have them. I'll also be adding a video lesson about the icing colors and consistencies you'll need for this workshop to the class dashboard the week of the class along with full instructions for making my royal icing and no spread sugar cookie recipe. Although, you don't have to use my exact recipes, they'll be there if you'd like to. Between purchasing materials, baking the cookies, and making the icing, prep for this class shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.

  • I've literally never made a cookie before. This is my first time decorating. Is this workshop right for me?

    It sure is! Newbies are my people! You have found the right place, sis. I'll hold your hand and answer your questions as I walk you through each part of the process!

Stop feeling overwhelmed by all there is to learn...

learn from someone who has made ALL the mistakes and can help you avoid them

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