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Sarah Grace Roberts

Hi There! It's nice to meet you! I'm Sarah Grace, the cookie teacher. I'm on a mission to make the process of learning to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing simpler and faster. I remember feeling overwhelmed by ALL the information out there when I started decorating. I scrolled through cookie groups, blogs, and videos like it was my job, and I thought that there must be a better way. I started the SG Cookie Academy to share all the things I've learned along the way that I wish I'd known when I started. I'm a wife and mom of twin boys living in Southern Middle Tennessee (yeah, that's the accent), and as crazy as it sounds, cookie decorating changed my life. Its become a form a therapy, a business that allows me to contribute to our family while still spending time with my kids, and a source of joy that I feel so blessed to share with others!

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What My Sweet Friends Have to Say

From Hobby Baker to Business Owner


"I began my cookie “hobby” last year and was so disappointed and upset bc I found a “cookie teacher” that turned out to be the biggest scam, so I was scared of who to trust and I just basically taught myself, viewed so many videos, and many trial and error cookies, mostly error, and I started selling this past December. Right before Valentines, I found Sarah Grace, and she has been the most GENUINE person! I have never felt uncomfortable or ashamed to share my cookies to this group and she is so inspirational. I have grown so much since I registered with this group, and the price, you will not be disappointed with all the recipes, instructional videos, all the coaching, and all the inspiration you will find with Sarah Grace! "

Referencing the Videos Every Week


"Stumbling upon Sarah’s YouTube page just a few short weeks ago was such a blessing! Her passion for teaching beginners how to enter the world of sugar cookies and royal icing truly radiates through every video! After I watched a couple of her YouTube videos, I decided to check out her website! That’s where I learned about her workshops and membership program! I couldn’t love it more! I reference the videos in the membership numerous times a week! Sarah is such a wealth of knowledge! Becoming a member of Sarah Grace Cookie Academy has helped me in my little cookie venture tremendously! Thank you for the time you put into helping beginners like me, Sarah!"


"I was scrolling through YouTube looking for cookie ideas and found Sarah Grace Cookie Company. I believe I watched 2 videos and knew I HAD to join her group and classes. I love her classes because even though we're hundreds of miles apart I feel like we're in the same room. She's done the research and the work to help take the overwhelm out of cookie decorating, whether is just for a hobby or a business. Sarah has a very sweet spirit, is funny, and very encouraging. I highly recommend her classes and workshops. You won't regret it!"

Build Your Skills at Your Own Pace

Step by Step teaching to help you make the most of each and every batch you make

I remember being so frustrated when I was told "it just takes practice". I had been practicing and I was getting impatient. I wanted fewer videos of cookie decorating at high speeds with no explanation and more step by step instruction. I wanted someone to walk me through the techniques that I wanted to learn, and I didn't want to have to visit 1000 different websites, videos, and Facebook groups to do it. I started to think that maybe I just wasn't talented or creative enough to make the edible art that that I saw others making. The "beginner" groups even seemed like a far cry from where my skills were. After finally gaining confidence in my skills, I wanted to find a way share the things that helped me the most with beginner cookie decorators. While cookie decorating does take practice (like any skill), it's something you can learn especially when you have someone to teach you. You don't just need more practice. You need someone to walk with you and meet you where you are. You need a community of ladies learning together , and supporting each other. The Sg Cookie Academy is exactly where you'll find that.

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